Why should Brainattica exists?

All starts with the same question "Why?". We started pondering surprisingly difficult questions:

  • Why should Brainattica exists?
  • What do we believe in?

The answers were something that we could feel inside each one of us, but it wasn't easy to put into words.

The answers are necessary because people relate to what you believe in, not what you do. If we can build a stronger bond with a person, it is much easier to work with them.

After months of discussions, iterations and rewriting, we finally feel that we’ve been able to put into words the reasons:

  • At Brainattica, we believe that people is the best competitive advantage. The best work is done by happy and motivated people.

  • We believe the most important thing is building great projects with an exceptional code quality that focus on our clients needs. Our goal is to go together from the idea conception to something you can touch.

  • Do things people love! We believe that Software must be like a piece of music.

  • We believe in originality, innovation and hard work. None of us here would do it any other way. We needed some place where we can build the most innovative projects, without worrying on their magnitude or difficulty

  • Our passion about technology guided us to gather this great team, so we can leave a mark on every project we work in.

We all know that happy employees, happy customers and a successful business are closely interlinked.

There you have it. We’re sure we will improve this message in the future, but we’re also sure that, on a high level, this is why we exist as a company.

Have fun!
Javier, Juan & Raul.


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